Important!!!  Canadians Injured In The United States
Have you been seriously injured in a car accident while traveling in the US?
Or have you been seriously injured by an American who was traveling in Canada?
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Following is a description of how a "typical" cross border personal injury case might progress. Please note that no two cases are identical, and no results can be guaranteed.  In this chart, the word "you" is used to describe an injured party after a serious cross border accident.


Step 1. You are injured (or a loved one is killed) by a driver from another country, suffering a serious loss because of someone else's negligence.
2. You follow the accident tips on our page, including calling the police and seeking medical treatment.
3. The negligent party contacts their insurance company.
4. The negligent party or an insurance adjuster may contact you to learn the extent of your losses. They may offer you a cash settlement.
        5.  The offer will be far too low if you are not represented by a lawyer.  It’s time to call us.  
6a. A cross border injury attorney will look at your case and tell you one of three things:
6b. Your claim has merit, and we will represent you.  

6c. Your claim has merit, but the degree of
injury or loss is below our threshold to take your
case.  We may give you some pointers or refer

you to other counsel. 
  6d. Your claim lacks merit, because there were no substantial injuries, the other party was not liable for your losses or you have waited too long to begin your claim.
7. If we all decide we will represent you, we will prepare a fee agreement and discuss your case with you.
8. We go to work. We will (a) notify the negligent party and their insurance company that you are now represented by us, and (b) begin gathering information about your claim.  This will include gathering medical records, to determine the extent of your injuries; gathering medical and other bills, to establish your financial loss; obtaining employment information, to substantiate claims for lost earnings,; obtaining police reports, to establish responsibility for your loss; getting photographs, to illustrate the circumstances and results of the accident and getting witness statements and insurance records.
9. We will issue a demand letter to the insurance company after your medical condition is stable and all anticipated losses have been calculated.
10a. Your demand will be accepted, rejected or, most likely, countered. Negotiations will begin.  This may include meetings, letter or mediation.  Negotiations will produce one of two results: a settlement or an impasse.  The vast majority of cases will settle at this point. 
10b. If you can settle, you receive your settlement monies.       10c. If you cannot reach a settlement, we will file a lawsuit.  We will determine the proper jurisdiction and we may need to associate with local counsel.
11. Both parties have to exchange discovery and motions may be filed and argued.  A trial date will be set.  However, before you go to trial, there will be a settlement conference or private mediation in which the judge or another professional takes an active role in the negotiations in an effort to achieve a settlement.  Of the cases where a lawsuit is filed, the vast majority of cases settle at this stage.   
12. If no settlement is reached, we go to trial. We will introduce appropriate evidence supporting your claim. The defense will introduce evidence disputing your claim and a jury will try to reach a verdict.


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