Important!!!  Canadians Injured In The United States
Have you been seriously injured in a car accident while traveling in the US?
Or have you been seriously injured by an American who was traveling in Canada?
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Case Reports


Class Action –$6.2 Million Dollars collected.

Auto Accident -  $3 Million dollars collected.

Class Action – $2.5 Million Dollars collected.
Pharmaceutical Drug action –$1.7 Million Dollars collected.
Defective baby product –$1.25 Million dollars collected.

Assault causing head trauma – $1 Million dollar jury verdict.

Auto Accident –$766,666 collected.

Pedestrian hit by cab - $800,000 jury verdict – CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE
Auto Accident - $650,000 jury verdict.
Defective Product causing head injury - $500,000 collected.
Auto Accident causing hip injury –$500,000 collected.
Auto Accident – California - $335,000 collected. 
Auto Accident –$510,000 collected.

Auto Accident– Case settled for $278,000
Auto/Bicycle Accident –$200,000 collected.
Auto Accident –$215,000 collected.

Nursing Home Negligence –$275,000 collected. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Wrongful Death –$335,000 collected

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