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Canadian Health Coverage Outside of Canada: Provincial differences

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If you have been seriously injured in a cross border accident, you will likely have questions about how much your Canadian health insurance will cover.


Unfortunately, there is a large gap between the cost of medical care in the United States and what each province or territory will pay.  While it is advisable to get travel insurance, it may be possible to be compensated from the auto insurance of the American driver.  If you have been seriously injured or a loved one was seriously hurt or killed in an automobile accident in the United States, please call us 1(844)299-0808 for a free consultation. 


It is important for a Canadian injured in the United States, or by an American driver, to understand that the American insurance may not cover all the damages.  One major difference between car insurance in the United States and Canada are the minimum insurance requirements.  In the United States, the minimums are generally much lower than in Canada.  Furthermore, approximately 15% of American drivers have no insurance at all. 
It is rare for Americans to have the amount of insurance that most Canadians have.  That’s why one of the first things that a Canadian should do if involved in an accident in the US, or is injured by an American driver, is find out how much insurance the American driver has.  If a Canadian has a serious injury, the American driver may not be able to adequately compensate for the injury and loss.  A Canadian may be forced to pursue a claim against an American driver, if the American has assets against which to enforce the judgment.  Assuming the American driver does not have personal assets besides the insurance, a Canadian may be forced to pursue compensation under their own underinsured motorist insurance policy.

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